Google Hotel Tours

When searching for accommodations potential guests are always interested to see what amenities a hotel has to offer. While most hotels do have images of their rooms and facilities, providing the ability to virtually view these facilities in full 360 degree splendor is not only cool but also much more informative.

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What makes your hotel special?

Why not show them with a high quality virtual 360 degree tour.
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Imagine when guests finds you through a Google Search, visits your website or Social Media page or finds a link in your printed advertising and is able to walk through your hotel. With just the click of a button people can explore the pool, restaurants, gym, main lobby, examine the room types, see the business meeting facilities or wedding venue, etc. and all from the comfort of their own home which could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. How may hotels can do this? Maybe this is the deciding factor that gets your hotel the business instead of one of your competitors!

How do hotel tours differ from other businesses?

The nature of hotels is to be spread out with rooms and amenities located on different levels and often far apart. To accommodate this layout and prevent long navigation pathways, hotel tours are composed of multiple islands (each representing an amenity) allowing people to jump from one location to another distant location with just the click of a button.